People vs Predators: Filling the gap in community awareness | David Menzies with Sheila Gunn Reid

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On this week's episode of Rebel Roundup with David Menzies, Sheila Gunn Reid joined David to discuss her recent coverage of a People vs Predator's rally in Edmonton, Alberta. 

The group aim to use publicly available court information to raise awareness for potential threats in their neighbourhood, where unsuspecting neighbours may be unaware of the dangerous offenders living next to them.

People vs Predators, according to Sheila, are looking to make a change in the justice system in Canada. As Sheila explains: 

There's a lot of times where these recidivists — long-time, recidivist sex offenders — they've been in court, in-and-out, convicted for the last 20 years some of them; somewhere along the way prosecutors fail to bring forward dangerous offender's applications, so it could be done. These guys [could be] deemed to be dangerous offender's and are held indefinitely.

If they are released they could be closely monitored, much the same way they tried to monitor Karla Homolka when she got out, before she was able to get a pardon and change her name.

It's sort of like a restraining order between the community, the police, and the offender. They can do those sorts of things; those tools exist in the system. For some reason, the crown prosecutors aren't bringing them forward. 

I think Cheri and People vs Predators are trying to work towards change in legislations so that [dangerous offender status] automatically happens, and it's not left up to the discretion of overwhelmed crown prosecutors.

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