Peter MacKay's campaign failed: Was it the ads, the endorsements? The entire team? Or him?

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How did Peter MacKay miss scoring on an empty net? You might recall at the beginning of the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, he was on a breakaway – the elites in the party, especially those out east, endorsed him in massive numbers.

Instead of winning however, the candidate endorsed by the socialist Toronto Star, and star child of the CBC, was thumped last night — defeated by a massive margin.

How could this happen? Well, the first and most obvious answer was his entitlement: No other candidate turned up their nose at the grassroots of the party in the way MacKay did. “It’s called winning,” he said while doing it.

Peter’s campaign also was being run by a hodge-podge of homeless politicos. The vast majority of them were refugees from Maxime Bernier’s campaign a few years back. It was disingenuous,  because you can’t find two more different people on conservative spectrum than Maxime Bernier and Peter MacKay.

Did the staff really care so little about the politician they were hawking? We they all really just desperate for power? Conservative voters saw through that.

What is clear is that no successful campaign for the Conservative Party leadership will ever again try to emulate Peter MacKay’s “avoid and ignore” stratagem when dealing with independent media.

From to True North to us here at Rebel News, each outlet broke impactful and game-changing stories. Conservative candidates need independent media, not the other way around.

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