Canadians need help, not homicide.

But that’s not what many chronically ill, poor, homeless, and mentally struggling people are getting. Medical professionals are advising people to end their lives out of convenience.

That's right, physician-assisted suicide has received a rebrand to end the stigma. It’s now called MAID (medical assistance in dying) in an attempt to appear less sinister.

What's worse, medical homicides are not only happening because someone faces imminent death due to a painful chronic illness. Now, Canadians can apply for many reasons, including mental health, poverty, debt, and even eating disorders.

Canadians need proper care, not prompt dispatching at the hands of some overly eager medical professional.

If you agree that medical assistance in dying is not a cure for depression, poverty, or despair, please sign this petition.

If we garner enough signatures, I will deliver this petition to Canada's health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos.