When provincial governments all across Canada gave institutions, agencies, employers, and foundations free reign to implement universal COVID-19 vaccine policies, do you think they foresaw that these entities would go above and beyond provincial requirements to force people to comply?

Unfortunately, despite the government no longer enforcing a vaccine mandate, Tim Hortons still is.

Founded in 1974, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps run several camps across North America for teens from low-income families.

The foundation's own website claims to foster a sense of community for the teens while creating a safe and inclusive space for them to flourish.

So why are they barring those in need from attending their camps based on a private medical decision?

That's why I am launching this petition to have this overreaching vaccine policy reversed.

If you agree that Tim Hortons should allow all qualified youth to attend their camps regardless of their vaccination status, please sign the petition on this page.

Denying minors the ability to partake in fun activities is cruel and unwarranted. Kids have already missed out on so much, and Tim Hortons needs to let them camp!