Kayla Lemieux, formerly Mr. Kerry Luc Lemieux, a shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar Highschool, wears huge prosthetic breasts, with enormous nipples protruding from his outfit of choice: a see-through top and bike shorts.

Imagine a school administration letting a scantily clad teacher wear a sex aid to instruct a classroom full of young boys! 

The HDSB and the Director of Education, Curtis Ennis, have admitted the school’s dress code, which prevents visible genitals and nipples, only applies to students.

Lemieux’s prosthetic boobs and long blonde wig are an obvious hazard when working with power tools. But instead of having safety and decency concerns, Ennis and the board have said they respect the gender expression of their teachers and students.

Worse still, when the wrong teacher was identified as the fetishist shop teacher, the school board and the communication person tasked with setting the record straight ignored multiple opportunities to correct the record until five days passed.

None of this is normal. The HDSB and Ennis should resign immediately.

Not only are they allowing a grotesque spectacle to play out at Oakville Trafalgar Highschool, but they also threw an innocent teacher under the bus when they purposefully refused to correct misinformation that was circulating for several days.

If you agree that the obscenity unfolding daily at Oakville Trafalgar Highschool has to stop, and that those who allowed it to happen should be held accountable, sign this petition.