Police are compromising their morals | Toronto lockdown protester speaks out after getting ticket

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It was perversely ironic that this lockdown protester was wearing a winter hat festooned with the ominous hammer and sickle emblem of the now-defunct Soviet Union. After all, the man had dropped by Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square last Saturday with a small sign to protest the debilitating provincial lockdown currently being enforced. And, wow, was he in for a throwback surprise.

That’s because little did he know that in 2021 Toronto, under Czarina John Tory, Yonge-Dundas Square resembles Red Square Classic, a place in which, to quote a lyric from the song “Home on the Range,” seldom is heard a discouraging word…

And if a member of law enforcement should happen to see or hear a “discouraging word” in the square these days, at least one that applies to the lockdown, well then, those uttering such discouraging words can expect to receive a massive fine. Or be criminally charged. Or be tackled, handcuffed and hauled away in a paddy wagon. And for what? Espousing one’s democratic right to express a “thought crime”? To utter an opinion that rankles Tory or Ontario Premier Doug Ford?

But as this protester found out, this is now the “new normal” in Hogtown, which very much resembles the “old Soviet Union normal”...

How disturbing is that? And what about the double standard at play here? What about the appalling hypocrisy? How is that last summer, vandals comprising the ranks of Black Lives Matter could deface statues with impunity, and the police would not only not charge them, but actually bend the knee in solidarity with them? How is it that the violent thugs who comprised the ranks of Afro Indigenous Rising illegally occupied Nathan Phillips Square, breaking 11 sections of the Trespass Act, but it was members of Rebel News that were charged with trespassing for… practicing journalism in the public square?

So it is that our heart goes out to this man. After being whacked with a fine, he must feel very confused these days, in terms of where and when he is residing…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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