WATCH: Police pursue victim of VIOLENT lockdown arrest

Protester says it will be hard to forgive Victoria Police for the brutal takedown

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Indigenous woman Ocearna Nabelski vividly remembers the day she was taken to the ground by a group of Victorian Police officers at a protest in September last year.

In fact, she is still traumatised by it.

"I feel scared now every time I see a police officer," she said.

"The way that five officers jumped on me and I was just pinned down, couldn't breathe, had me in cuffs for almost two hours and then slapped me with a five and a half thousand dollar fine on the spot.

"I just want to say I'm disappointed and it's going to be hard to forgive them."

The incident was caught on camera and you can hear Nabelski scream, telling officers she couldn't breathe as she was pinned to the ground.

Nabelski, who says she has never been in trouble with the law, attended the rally in Richmond because she was 'on the verge of losing her job' due to vaccine mandates.

She was heading back to her car after the protest when officers made their move.

Nabelski says she received an infringement notice on the day and only recently provided notice of a court date.

"They gave me three weeks' notice to appear in court ... They've taken a year to give me a date," she said.

Support of our Fight The Fines initiative to help people like Ocearna with their legal bills. You can donate using the form on this page, any amount helps.

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