Police seize picnic tables from Calgary pizza shop refusing to enforce vax pass

Police seized picnic tables that were setup outside Without Papers Pizza after the Calgary restaurant had its business licence revoked following the owner's refusal to enforce the city's vaccine passport requirement.

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Recently, Calgary chose to implement new bylaws mandating businesses to enforce vaccine passports. This has caused something of an uproar in Alberta.

The owner of a restaurant called Without Papers Pizza has decided to make public their decision not to abide by the new rule.

Concerns have grown over this new bylaw, with some Calgarians fearing that is more than just a health measure, but rather a decision by local politicians to force businesses to medically segregate their customers.

For the owner of Without Papers Pizza, the decision was easy: they had no interest in segregating their clientele.

Over the last few days, the situation has escalated at this local pizza restaurant. First came AHS, then came the AGLC.

After a recent encounter with peace officers and police, two benches in front of the restaurant were seized, taken from those who had come support the restaurant while they were providing pizza — FREE OF CHARGE — to any and all who came by.

Following the confiscation of the patio set up, supporters were soon sitting on milk crates; free pizza continued to flow through the door.

The most recent ordeal saw authorities return — this time to seize the milk crates that had been left in front of the pizza shop for seating, along with a sign saying “we serve all.”

And yet through all of this, Without Papers Pizza continues serving free, freshly-made pizza to anyone who wants it.

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