Police stop livestream hearings of detective who probed unexplained baby deaths and potential COVID-19 vaccine connection

Helen Grus was relieved from duty after launching an 'unauthorized' investigation into the COVID-19 vaccine status of mothers, following a string of untimely and unusual infant deaths.

Police stop livestream hearings of detective who probed unexplained baby deaths and potential COVID-19 vaccine connection
Facebook/ Ottawa Police Service
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More than a year has passed since Ottawa detective Helen Grus was suspended from duty in February of 2022, after probing the COVID-19 vaccine status of mothers whose babies had died suddenly.

Grus initiated this “unauthorized” investigation in 2021 after a string of nine sudden infant deaths were seen in the months following the roll out of the novel injections.

The previously well respected detective within the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) Sexual Assault and Child Abuse unit has been charged with discreditable conduct as a result.

Despite being mandated by law to investigate all incidences of sudden and unexplained deaths in newborns, infants and children under the age of five, Grus’ investigation was too taboo during a time when the “safe and effective” narrative was absolute.

It was reported by the Western Standard that a senior official at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has been following the Grus trial, a detail first identified by former Toronto detective Donald Best, following the September 15 livestreamed hearing via Teams.

The eavesdropper was Doctor Margaret de Groh, a scientific manager at the Analysis Section of PHAC.

Dr. de Groh has co-authored government reports with Sarah DelVillano, whom Best asserts is de Groh’s biological daughter.

It is further alleged that DelVillano’s daughter, for which a GoFundMe page was set up, was one of the nine infants involved in Grus’ probe into the untimely and unusual string of infant deaths.

DelVillano is an articling student at the legal firm Durant Barristers.

Oddly, Durant Barristers is the same law firm that CBC reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam reported on as representing at least one of the parents involved in Grus' "unauthorized" investigation.

In previous hearings Grus' lawyer, Bath-Sheba Van den Berg, was unable to obtain all disclosure items requested from the OPS.

Since September of 2022, Grus has appeared numerous times before the OPS board for disciplinary hearings. All of them were livestreamed via Microsoft Teams and broadcast publicly, until now.

Grus is scheduled to appear again this coming Friday, April 28, and her hearing will be hosted in-person only.

Best accurately points out this strange turn of events in a recent blog post:

Every appearance by Detective Grus has been publicly broadcast on the internet via MicroSoft Teams – but Ottawa Police (OPS) have now arbitrarily decided to prevent citizens and journalists outside Ottawa from witnessing the upcoming April 23, 2023 motions hearing.

Best further asserts that the CBC reporter noted above – Shaamini Yogaretnam – meddled in the active investigation of Grus via a threat in March 2022 to publish what he calls illegally obtained information about the ongoing, internal OPS investigation.

He points out that the OPS has refused to provide legal motions in the Grus case, a process that is standard in "real Canadian courts – to ensure transparency and promote public confidence in the legal process."

All of this leaves Best and others wondering if Grus is being persecuted for political reasons.

After all, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the novel mRNA injections do not stay in the shoulder, despite individuals vested in dismantling "vaccine misinformation" asserting otherwise. 

As evidenced by the JAMA study showing mRNA in the milk of breastfeeding mothers, there is concern that these products were never approved (or authorized) for oral administration.

Immunologist and virologist Byram Bridle tried to alert the public to this once disregarded mechanism in May 2021 before he was slandered, smeared, and censored.

As of November 25, there were at least 659 cases where COVID-19 vaccine exposure via breastmilk was cited for adverse events.

Have the OPS, mainstream media, and at least one public health agent colluded to quell an important investigation of great public interest, that could have led to tangible evidence of harm, potentially saving other mothers and babies from similar fate?

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