Police threaten to arrest David Menzies upon return to Radisson quarantine hotel

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Welcome to the Radisson Hotel in Toronto, just down the road from Pearson International Airport. According to a security guard there, this property is supposedly “under construction” and is closed to the public... except there are no construction workers or construction equipment to be seen here.

Oh, and there are people in the hotel, but they are not so much “guests” as they are “inmates.” Because it would appear that this Radisson is one of Justin Trudeau’s COVID quarantine hotels. And it would appear that the authorities are lying to the incarcerated travellers, saying they must remain there by law — when in fact there is no such law on the books!

We revisited this hotel/detention centre on Thursday, and shortly after our arrival, a dozen or so protesters showed up. They had megaphones and signage and were urging the guests/inmates to simply leave the property. The guests were even offered free rides home. (This had already been successfully achieved before, with other captives, but there were no takers this time around.)

Maybe the reluctance to flee was due to the huge and intimidating police presence? Toronto cops also showed up en masse — even though the protesters were peaceful and weren’t breaking any laws. And get this: the police stated they planned to arrest Rebel News staffers on site for trespassing — even though we were practicing journalism on a public street! Wow, maybe the cops confused Dixon Road with the now off limits no man’s land otherwise known as Yonge-Dundas Square?

In any event, if there were arrests to be made that day, surely the cops should have charged the representatives of the Public Health Agency of Canada, which has now taken over the operation of this Radisson. 

How about this for suggested charges: kidnapping and forceable confinement? Those are usually the charges filed when individuals are held against their will...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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