Power2Parent fights against graphic novel "Big Home" in Las Vegas schools: Lisa Song Sutton interviews Erin Phillips

Recently, there was a huge controversy over a certain graphic novel that was distributed to 10th grade students by a Las Vegas public high school.

Fun Home is a coming of age memoir by author Alison Bechdel, creator of the “Dykes To Watch Out For” comic strip. The story focuses on the author as she comes to terms with her own sexual identity and her relationship with her gay father.

A school choice and parent advocacy group called Power2Parent immediately jumped into action.

Power2Parent claimed the novel shows a number of obscenities including depictions of sexual acts and drug use, along with offensive anti-religious sentiments that are not appropriate for minors. A website (NSFW) published by the group shows images from the book.

An investigation was launched thanks to the quick work of Power2Parent.

I interviewed Erin Phillips, co-founder of Power2Parent, to learn more about this situation and other issues they are working on.