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Premier Doug Ford dodges David Menzies after announcing new social gathering limits

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford: come out, come out, wherever you are!

There was a rare Saturday morning press conference at Queen’s Park last weekend. Premier Ford was announcing that the tough new regulations (and fines) that he had announced for Toronto, Ottawa and Peel Region would now apply to the entire province regardless of the number of Wuhan virus cases or if the municipality and/or region was a hot spot or not.

For the record, indoor gatherings are now limited to 10 people and outdoor gatherings are restricted to 25. Should someone violate those regulations, the organizer faces a minimum $10,000 fine while attendees are subject to $880 fines.

I happened to be outside Queen’s Park when Premier Ford was having this press conference. And I thought that, finally, I would get a chance to ask a question or two when he was exiting the legislature. After all, attempts to question the premier at pressers for the last several months via teleconferencing have proven fruitless; even when I was first in queue and waited some 90 minutes to query the premier, somehow, I was always overlooked in favour of the rank and file members of the Media Party.

Isn’t that odd?

Ford changed his tune on Media Party

When Ontario Premier Doug Ford was City of Toronto Councillor Doug Ford, he seldom hid his scorn for the likes of the Toronto Star and CBC thanks to their ongoing journalistic jihad against Doug’s late, great brother, mayor Rob Ford. But these days, Doug Ford is downright chummy with the very same reporters that once repulsed him.

Also consider this: the man Doug Ford replaced as head of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, fake conservative crybaby Patrick Brown, has been popping over to Casa Ford in Etobicoke in recent days to socialize with Doug.

Hopefully those gatherings don’t exceed 10 persons. Er, what am I saying? Both Ford and Brown seldom practice what they preach when it comes to Wuhan virus protocols…

Still, how bizarre is it that Premier Ford now hobnobs with Sneaky Patrick, The Man Who Would Have Been Premier if not for a palace coop back in 2018? Weird.

In any event, I played a game of chase with the chauffeur of Ford’s Chevy Suburban as it circled the legislature in an attempt to give me the slip (which eventually did happen).

Premier previously pitched weekly 'Ford Nation' show to Rebel News

But why is Premier Ford  much like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — so deathly afraid to take our questions?

After all, Trudeau has always loathed us and he knows we are not going to give him softball questions like “what shampoo do you use?

But Doug is  or maybe, was  a big Rebel News supporter. He appeared at a Rebel Live event. He has come to our studio to be interviewed. He even proposed a weekly 'Ford Nation' show.

So, Doug, in the immortal words of the dearly departed Fred Willard: “Hey, wha’ happened…?!

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