Should we trust Quebec's 'electrification' plan?

In Quebec City, some people lost power for about a week, and because of the cold weather, it was difficult for some residents to stay in their homes.

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Is it realistic to believe that people are experiencing way more electricity outage now than in the previous years? 

Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault strongly believes he can reach the target of changing our energy source for only electricity and think he can reduce even more our production of greenhouse gas, but at which price? 

This project means that all transportation, companies and industries will run on electricity. Is it realistic when we heard from Premier Legault that we will have a shortage of electricity if we are not using our electricity conscientiously?

What seems to be a bit worrying is that during the Christmas holidays, more than 339,000 customers were deprived of electricity due to bad weather. 

In Quebec City, some users lost power for about a week. Because of the cold weather, it was difficult for some residents to stay in their homes. 

While Mr. Legault announced his plan for the electrification of Quebec, we learned that the CEO of Hydro-Quebec, Sophie Brochu, was leaving her position after 3 years of occupation out of 5. 

Many mention the stormy relationship that Mr. Legault and Sophie Brochu had regarding the vision of the state-owned company. 

Mrs. Brochu had also specified that she did not want to see Hydro-Quebec become the Dollarama of electricity for foreign countries, since the production cost will increase with time. 

This will have had the effect of offending Mr. Legault in his ideology of increasing electricity production by 50% by 2050. 

But do citizens feel confident to see this electricity company be the sole source of energy when we know that their installations are aging? and this causes multiple power outages as well as an energy loss? 

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