Premier Danielle Smith Will Cut Taxes: 'It’s your money. You earned it, not the government'

While many expected the May 1st morning announcement featuring Premier Danielle Smith and nearly all of the Calgary-area United Conservative Party candidates to focus primarily on a declaration of the writ being dropped and the election being officially underway, Smith instead got straight to business announcing that a re-elected UCP would cut taxes for all Albertans.

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On an inconspicuous driveway in residential southeast Calgary, Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP shared detailed plans to create a new 8% tax bracket for income under $60,000, resulting in annual savings of $760 per person reaching or surpassing that income threshold.

Those who earn less that $60,000 would see a 20% tax reduction as a result of the proposed cut. While this cut is expected to reduce provincial taxes collected by an estimated $1 billion, Smith believes that it will pay for itself with more money in people’s pockets resulting in more money going back into the economy. Smith received eager applause from the small crowd in attendance when she stated, “after all, it’s your money. You earned it, not the government”.

Premier Smith also detailed plans to make permanent the fuel tax relief break that the UCP implemented and is in effect until June 30, 2023. For a full breakdown of the tax cut plan, you can read the UCP announcement by clicking here.

Despite media suggesting that Premier Smith is dodging questions  all while Notley goes uncriticized by many MSM outlets after having security escort critical journalists out of her event  I had no trouble asking Smith what message she has for conservatives in Alberta who are reluctant to support the UCP or are doing so solely as the ‘lesser of two evils’, a sentiment which has been relayed to me at least a dozen times in the last few weeks when discussing the frontrunning parties likely to form government.

I also spoke at length with Minster of Health and Calgary-Varsity MLA Jason Copping about the perpetual election promises, from both parties, to ‘fix healthcare’ that never really seem to address the underlying issues in the system and how the UCP hopes to implement meaningful improvements if re-elected.

We will continue to bring you independent coverage of the battle for Alberta at Be sure to check in often and consider supporting us as we provide a critical counterbalance to the often lopsided progressive media reporting on this election.

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