President Trump nailed it with minority voters — so what happened in the swing states?

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The 2020 U.S. presidential election has come and gone. A record number of votes were cast, the ballots were counted and we will officially know who the next president of the United States is... eventually?

Due to a number of legal challenges, it looks like it's going to take some time. Hotly contested battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and more are going right down to the wire, with allegations of fraud and manipulation becoming commonplace.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra examined at one of the surprising aspects of something we do actually know about election night: President Donald Trump performed far better across the board with minorities than just about anyone could have expected, especially those in the mainstream media. But if that happened in Florida, what about the rest of the country, as Ezra wondered:

Trump's support amongst black men and women, Latino men and women, gay men and women rose dramatically. It was the highest support from minorities for a Republican since the 1960s. Would that help him places like Philadelphia or Detroit? Maybe. Trump was actually leading until... they just stopped counting votes. 

Hang on. It's election night and you're tired because it's late: you didn't know it was going to be election night? You didn't have four years to plan? You need your beauty sleep, you need to go home now? You're just shutting down and going home? They did because these are Democratic governors that count the votes for the national presidential election.

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