Private consulting firm McKinsey has made millions off the backs of Canadian taxpayers as cost of living soars

The shadowy consulting firm and its Liberal financiers are facing parliamentary scrutiny as the official opposition launches an investigation into the secret contracts, calling for the firing of high-priced consultants.

Private consulting firm McKinsey has made millions off the backs of Canadian taxpayers as cost of living soars
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The controversial private enterprise McKinsey & Company – responsible for advising the Canadian federal government on pandemic-related policy – has received millions of taxpayer dollars since Justin Trudeau was elected as prime minister.

McKinsey is a leading global consultancy firm that has been criticized for its transparency – or lack thereof.

The global firm was influential in shaping the COVID response and policy implementation of governments around the world and Canada was no different. McKinsey has been inserting itself into the global health sphere for decades.

These contracts with Ottawa total at least $116.8 million, as per court U.S. court documents recently released and reported on by The Globe and Mail.

As part of the filing, it was discovered that 5% to 10% of McKinsey Canada’s revenue between 2016 and 2022 came from the Canadian government, Dmitry Krivin, a McKinsey partner stated under oath.

Official opposition leader Pierre Poilievre recently questioned Trudeau in the House of Commons (HoC) about this very thing.

“We have 40-year highs of inflation, we have a 32% increase in crime, we have the TTC transit system in downtown Toronto overtaken by crime, we have more people eating at food banks and living at homeless shelters after eight years of this Prime Minister but, not everybody is doing badly,” he said before highlighting that McKinsey is rolling in cash.

Poilievre recently called for high-priced consultants to be fired, as recounted by True North.

It was discovered that Canada spends $16.7 billion dollars a year on consultants, according to a Treasury Board estimate provided to the same committee, as reported by Blacklocks.

“McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, in the past five years received $91.8 million in known federal contracts. Fees were paid as McKinsey shareholder and former managing director Dominic Barton served as an advisor to the Department of Finance and Canadian ambassador to China,” it reads.

Senior policy advisor Sean Boots said that “it’s hard to tell what work was involved let alone how successfully the contract turned out,” while noting that there were instances where consultancy firms were hired to check the facts of other consultants.

It shows that the “reliance on management consultants becomes a self-reinforcing cycle,” Boots said.

Moreover, in response to one MP’s Order Paper Question in the HoC, it was revealed that McKinsey received various government-related contracts totaling more than $86 million dollars. This included over $18 million to Canadian National Defense, $7.5 million of which was to develop and analyze Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies.

A laundry list of other contracts included Destination Canada, Bank of Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, etcetera.

In the province of Quebec, the government awarded McKinsey with a $6.6 million dollar contract to manage its COVID-19 vaccine campaign and develop re-opening and economic recovery plans.

Yet shadowy private-sector giants like McKinsey are immune to public scrutiny.

After Rebel News filed for access to information, the response from the Quebec Ministry of Health (MSSS) was that they cannot access documents that address specifics around McKinsey because they contain personal information that may identify certain individuals.

Now, McKinsey has been awarded a service contract until the year 2100.

While McKinsey’s contracts are being investigated by the House of Commons committee on government operations and estimates, it leaves many Canadians wondering: how many Canadian taxpayer dollars have flowed into the pockets of shadowy consultancy firms like McKinsey, who else is paying them, and has it been money well spent?

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