Pro-Hamas demonstrators tried to shut down a comedy show in Toronto but failed

David Menzies attended the Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club in Toronto where they hosted a 'Stand Up for Israel' comedy show featuring a roster of Jewish comedians. However, pro-Hamas demonstrators gathered in front of the comedy club.

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There are many types of humor: stand-up comedy, black humor, slapstick, and then there is that segment known as unintentional humor. And often, unintentional humor can be the funniest type of comedy.

There’s nothing quite like seeing someone or a group of individuals unintentionally make utter fools of themselves.

Such was the case in downtown Toronto last Wednesday evening when Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club hosted a 'Stand Up for Israel' comedy show featuring a roster of Jewish comedians.

Oh-oh! For the pro-Hamas supporters, this was way offside. They hate Jews, you see. And they despise the state of Israel. And apparently, they hate being made fun of, too.

So it was that dozens of these very unfunny pro-terrorist goofballs converged on Richmond Street outside the comedy club. Ironically, they denounced the so-called “occupation” while they themselves occupied the sidewalk to such a degree that paying customers could not get inside the venue. (Eventually, Toronto Police officers thankfully cleared a path to allow patrons inside).

Yet again, the pro-Hamas types do what they do so well: they failed.

Indeed, several hours before the show, several of these jabronis contacted Toronto Fire Services hoping that Hogtown’s firefighters would do their dirty work for them by shutting down the club due to alleged Fire Code violations. So it was that these demonstrators lied, stating that the comedy club didn’t have sufficient fire extinguishers and that the venue’s fire exits were blocked and that the building would be overcapacity by showtime. These allegations were all lies, of course, and Toronto Fire Services did not shut down the show.

It should also be noted that the pro-Hamas hooligans advertised their protest as “Genocide is No Joke.” Indeed, we wholeheartedly agree. There’s nothing funny about premeditated mass murder. So it was that we attempted to ask these unhinged individuals if the genocide in question was what happened in Israel on Oct. 7? You know, the single largest massacre of innocent Jews since the Holocaust? Alas, most refused to answer the query; others had a very difficult time articulating their position. As per usual…

Another noticeable thing about this protest was the number of pro-Hamas transgender people taking part, brandishing posters supporting Palestine. No, we’re not kidding! It was equal parts baffling and bizarre to gaze upon this sight given that anyone who is openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans very likely faces a death sentence in Gaza via vigilante mobs. In this regard, seeing trans people supporting Hamas was akin to a flock of chickens staging a pro-Colonel Sanders rally. Indeed, more grist for the mill that there is a disproportionate amount of mental illness when it comes to members of the transgender community.

But at the end of the day, the show must go on – and it did go on. And a good time was had by all – well, at least those who were inside the comedy club.

In the final analysis, how perversely ironic that the first two letters in “Hamas” are H-A – “ha,” given there is absolutely nothing funny about this terrorist group. Then again, the first three letters in “Hamas” are H-A-M – “ham.” That’s far more appropriate. A ham, after all, is a bad actor. And there’s a deluge of bad actors amongst the rank and file of Hamas – as well as the ignorant, indoctrinated demonstrators in western democracies who inexplicably support these bloodthirsty thugs.

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