Professor at Laval University and mRNA researcher shares his story at the NCI in Quebec

'You know, natural immunity has not disappeared, it's in the textbook,' said Patrick Provost. 'It has been in the textbooks for decades, and it is still there.'

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On May 13 at the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Quebec City, Patrick Provost shared his expertise and his story.

Patrick Provost is a well known professor and researcher at Laval University. During the pandemic, Provost did share his concerns about the vaccination among children. Following a press conference organized by Reinfo Covid where Mr. Provost spoke, a complaint had been made through Laval University against him.

The institution suspended Patrick Provost for two weeks without pay. This didn’t prevent Mr. Provost from speaking out. Afterwards, he went on a radio show, Radio X, and stood up to expose the risks and benefits of vaccinating children and how these should be taken into consideration.

This time a citizen made a complaint against Patrick Provost on the Laval University portal.

This time, the institution did suspend the Provost for four months without pay and this without any debate.

“The university is putting me through with, you know, these complaints, the grievances, the arbitrator and all the 19 audiences, [...] which is really a heavy price, a heavy price to pay for just having pronounced some words.” said Provost.

Patrick Provost also talked about the side effects he suffered following a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“When I experienced them, I informed my physician and he refused to report these effects to the public health and this was very concerning," Provost added.

It is then that Mr. Provost with his expertise questioned the unique narrative among the media and government experts. If the side effects are being refused to be registered, this means that they are underestimated.

“You know, natural immunity has not disappeared. It's in the textbook. It has been in the textbooks for decades, and it is still there," he concluded.

Now Mr. Provost is facing 19 audiences by the Laval University following a grievance made by his union to determine if the two suspensions were legitimate.

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