Protesters call on the CPSO to lead ethically, or get out of the way!

Concerned Ontarians once again take to the streets to protest medical tyranny from governing, regulatory bodies like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is under fire after protesters organized an event outside of their headquarters on College Street in Toronto.

Since early 2020 and more notably into 2021, the CPSO has strong armed its members into conformity with the widely accepted COVID narrative. Physicians who opposed or questioned the handling of COVID have been censored, silenced, investigated and stripped of their practicing duties. The demonstration aimed to shame the CPSO for this conduct.

Doctors who have attempted to submit vaccine injury reports, who have written exemptions or letters of reference for the patients being coerced into medical masking or mandatory vaccination — in a clear violation of informed choice — have had their licences compromised at the hands of the CPSO.

Confidential patient medical records have been seized and raided out of the offices of medical doctors doing the above, by the CPSO.

Shockingly, the CPSO seems mostly unconcerned when their members widely share flawed data on COVID transmission, as long as it suits the narrative.

There has not been a peep from the CPSO after a Toronto doctor vaccinated hundreds of kids under the age of 5 despite the fact that the COVID injections have not been authorized for use in this demographic. A clear ethical violation. In the article, Dr. Christopher Sun says that the “CPSO interviewed him about his actions but dismissed the concern.”

Both demonstration attendees and speaker Dr. Guirguis hint at financial incentives, conflicts of interest and unheard-of interference with the private doctor-patient relationship.

Their message is simple: “stick to going after doctors who are immoral or incompetent” and “allow doctors to save lives by offering tailored, independent medical care using evidence-based medicine.”

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