Peaceful protesters gathered for Ottawa's March for Life… and were confronted by counter-protesters full of strife

A look at this year's annual March for Life rally in the nation's capital and the pro-abortion counter-protesters that came out in response.

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In Ottawa, the annual March for Life took place beginning on Parliament Hill.

First, the good news: the Justin Trudeau Liberals did not close off the downtown core to prevent the pro-life marchers from marching — much like they did to the Rolling Thunder bikers a few weeks ago. So, a big thank you kindly goes out to Prime Minister Trudeau and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson for, you know, respecting the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Speaking of protesters, a small group of pro-abortion demonstrators gathered. Their membership included everything from members of the radical transgender community to a Satanist. We attempted to get their viewpoints, but we were typically met with verbal abuse, profanity, and refrains of “no comment.” How odd that people protesting in the public square and holding signs (many of the placards festooned with F-bombs, of course) were so challenged when it came to articulating their positions?

Meanwhile, on the pro-life side, we were greeted by friendly, civil people who were more than capable of sharing their thoughts in a cohesive fashion. Fancy that…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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