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PROTESTS DAILY: Without Papers aims to rescind vaccine bylaw, 'a stepping-stone to greater change'

The WOP protest started as open defiance of Calgary’s Bylaw 65M2021, and now has become a daily event.

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We've already covered the story of Without Papers Pizza — you've probably seen our recent reports about how Calgary's Vaccine Passport Bylaw destroyed this small business. In a world plagued by a silent majority, Jesse — the owner of Without Papers Pizza — took a stand against the government's decision to indulge in discrimination. By not asking people to show proof of vaccination at the door, he became a villain in the eyes of the state.

What started as free pizza has evolved into much more: protests, sidewalk picnics, speeches, a dance party — and today, it has changed again.

The Without Papers Pizza story started as an open revolt against Calgary's Vaccine Passport Bylaw, in a decision not to enforce state-sponsored discrimination over proof of vaccination. They then closed their doors and simply gave free pizza to all for a while, and continue to do so, with donation links set up on their Instagram.

Even that was deemed a danger to the state — but now, protests can be found here every day, led by Jesse, owner of Without Papers. Even though the state stole his business, they could not steal the message: that Bylaw 65M2021 was made by a handful at the top, and has divided all of us us over how much we indulge in the latest social trend of vaccination.

Jesse has been left without options by the state, and now stands strong every day in protest in order to end Calgary's Vaccine Passport Bylaw. It was mentioned how rescinding this bylaw may be the necessary stepping stone to greater change.

As it stands, Jesse is a victim of the state, soon to be joined by countless others who share his point of view — all now deemed unclean because they respect bodily autonomy.

Much like the rest of Canada, the vaccine passport has only caused further division here in Calgary. If you want support the fight against vaccine passports, please go to Our partners, The Democracy Fund, are taking strategic legal cases against the vaccine passport. If you know someone in dire need of support, send them there. If you wish to donate to the legal fight, know that donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

Stay tuned — as further updates are sure to come.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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