Public health issues $880 ticket to new age shop for defying lockdown

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Do you remember our story last month regarding The Point of Light, a new age shop located in Newmarket, Ont.?

Here’s the skinny: the owners of The Point of Light, Karthik Raj and Barbara Bushe, decided to take a rebel stand by defying the province’s Grey Zone mandate (a.k.a., total lockdown).

And so it was that just before Christmas, the duo reopened their charming little shop, much to the delight of their customers… well, all of their customers except for one…

Incredibly, one patron — after doing her Christmas shopping at the store — inexplicably morphed into a ‘COVID Karen.’ Allegedly, she informed Karthik and Barbara that what they were doing wasn’t right, and said she was planning to inform the powers-that-be about their “illegal” store opening. Again, this was stated AFTER she took care of her own needs!

And this wretched rat must have made good on her threat, because later on, the shop was paid a visit by Town of Newmarket bylaw officers who, alas, dutifully issued tickets to Karthik and Barbara totalling several hundred dollars.

Talk about bad karma…

And really, as Karthik and Barbara note, there actually isn’t a “total lockdown” in York Region to begin with. Indeed, some of the merchandise that this small shop sells on an “illegal” basis is available at the likes of certain big box stores, which remain open, and, of course, packed to the gills. Then again, the staff at The Point of Light don’t have the sort of moolah Walmart has to, say, hire a Ford government insider such a Melissa “Lockdown” Lantsman to ensure that the U.S.-based chain won’t be affected by any silly pandemic-related rules.

And we would argue that a small shop can better enforce sanitation rules far better than any jam-packed big box store. Indeed, The Point of Light website notes: “We adhere to all Public Health Protocols of low capacity, hand sanitizing, increased sanitizing, physical distancing & others. We will continue, as we always have, to honour exemptions as per regional and provincial health directives and the Ontario Human Rights code.”

We especially like that last sentence, which essentially means that if you happen to be exempt from wearing a mask, the staff at The Point of Light are going to respect your exemption and not hassle you, unlike at other stores. Just another reason we’re rooting for The Point of Light to succeed.

Naturally, we think this couple has been treated unfairly. But we’re not going to let them go it alone. Under our I Will Open program, we have retained a lawyer for Karthik and Barbara so that they can fight those idiotic fines. If you would like to help crowdfund our legal fees, please visit

All Karthik and Barbara want to do is make an honest living. They shouldn’t have to suffer from bylaw enforcement officers. Or some tattletale customer who obviously has no life.

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  • By David Menzies

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