Public Safety Minister accuses truckers of rape threats. But who are the real creeps in Ottawa?

There are, indeed, creeps roaming the streets of Ottawa and the women in the nation's capital should be ever vigilant.

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Marco Mendocino, the Liberal MP from Toronto now serving as Public Safety Minister accused those participating in the convoy for freedom to Ottawa of issuing rape threats. He made the claim during a commons public safety committee meeting last week.

The convoy which began with thousands of trucks spent almost four weeks in Ottawa peacefully protesting Covid mandates before Trudeau ordered a heavy police crackdown.

“There were Ottawans who were subjected to intimidation, harassment, threats of rape,” testified Mendicino.

But here is the thing: no one from the convoy has been arrested for the very real crime of threatening to rape someone. Most of the charges stemming from the Liberals outlandish invoking of the never-before-used Emergencies Act to disperse the convoy that was embarrassing the government on an international scale are for mischief-related offences. Legal nothing burgers with a glass of whine.

However, there are, indeed, creeps roaming the streets of Ottawa and the women in the nation's capital should be ever vigilant.

Prime Minister Trudeau has said a reporter experienced his unwanted groping differently than he did.

Staying within the PMO, Deputy Director of Operations Claude-Eric Gange resigned following an investigation into his inappropriate behaviour.

Calgary Liberal MP Kent Hehr was investigated for sexual harassment and the allegations against him were found to be credible.

Another Calgary Liberal MP, Darshan Kang, was investigated for trying to force his way into a staffer's hotel room and for unwanted touching. Those allegations were also independently investigated and found to be credible.

Ontario Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara forced his way into a woman's home and assaulted the man with her and was in the home when the police arrested him. He is serving three years probation for his maniacal break, entry, and assault.

Perhaps men who think chivalry is a tool of the patriarchy are more "problematic" than those who think chivalry is a virtue.

And, ladies, if a man tells you he is a feminist, that's your cue to leave.

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