Public Support, Political Silence: Whistle Stop owner Chris Scott on his Lockdown Victory

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On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra caught up with Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott, live from his diner in Mirror, Alberta.

Alberta restaurants were closed to dine-in services in December by an order of public health officer Deena Hinshaw. In January, when it was clear the government was not moving to lift the closure order, Scott took matters into his own hands. He opened his dining room again, in defiance of the lockdown.

Customers filled his small diner, and so did Alberta Health Service inspectors and local RCMP.

Earlier this week we announced that Alberta Health Services was no longer seeking legal action against the Whistle Stop Cafe!

On the topic of public reaction, here's a bit of what Chris had to say:

“It's mixed reviews, just like anything else. There's a group of people that are really happy and there's a group of people that are, you know, not so happy with what I did because... I broke a rule.

“So they don't like that. Apparently nobody lives in a glass house, and they can throw stones... but for the most part, people have been really, really supportive.

“There's a ton of support from all over Alberta. We've had people travel here from B.C., from Saskatchewan, we've had people from Ontario here...

“They're in the province for one reason or another, and they make the trip to the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror to have a burger and say ‘thank you’ for what we're doing.”

This is just an excerpt from the full Ezra Levant Show.

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