RAW FOOTAGE: GraceLife reps, RCMP, health inspector negotiate entry to the church

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Outside of GraceLife Church, just west of Edmonton, Alberta, a pair of RCMP officers and a public health bureaucrat attempted to negotiate with some of the church's representatives about entering the premises on the first Sunday following the release of Pastor James Coates.

Citing Section 176 of the Canadian Criminal Code, the church representatives explained that they did not wish for public health, nor the officers, to enter into the building while services were ongoing, as it would constitute a disturbance of their religious gathering. The officers were looking to assist the health inspector while he attempted to enter the premises of GraceLife to observe how many people were inside, and what health directives the GraceLife congregants might have been breaking.

In response, the church members suggested that there was nothing they couldn't learn by staying outside, suggesting that they could count the number of people as they exited, as well as see that masks were not in use.

In the end, the two officers and the Alberta Health Services inspector agreed to observe from outside, and that they would coordinate with GraceLife next weekend to enter the building before services began to prevent any potential disturbance.

Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid was on location to film the exchange between the members of GraceLife, the RCMP and Alberta Health Services inspector.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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