RAW FOOTAGE: Weekly Toronto Freedom Rally stops at COVID assessment centre

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Rebel News staffer Alex Yelizarov was downtown in Toronto to cover this past weekend's Freedom Rally held at Ontario's legislature, Queen's Park. Though the crowd was significantly smaller than the previous weekend, billed as part of the more broad Worldwide Freedom Rally that saw events held in cities around the globe, it was still a reasonably large group compared to other weeks.

The event saw speeches and the usual march through the city, though one man was arrested after an incident involving the police. Demonstrators eventually made their way to a nearby COVID assessment facility, where some of them exchanged some passionate words with workers there, before chants of “don't get tested” and “just say no” broke out.

While the events have fluctuated in size each week, they have been a consistent sight in downtown Toronto each weekend since April, 2020. With the province of Ontario plunged into another month-long lockdown, Rebel News will continue to cover the events to see what unfolds, particularly if another stay-at-home order is enacted by Ontario Premier Doug Ford, which the province's Science Table is calling for

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  • By Ezra Levant

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