EXCLUSIVE: RCMP warned in 2017 that illegal border crossers could cause a 'significant health event'

RCMP are trying to assess the unforeseen problems with a sudden influx of 40,000 migrants, up from the prior estimate of 28,000 in the calendar year of 2017.

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The information is part of a large access to information document about the Emerson, Manitoba border crossing.

Healthy law-abiding Canadians, whose only crime is to hold a different view on the necessity or effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination than their Prime Minister, are confined and castigated inside their own country, yet a recent inquiry of the Health Ministry revealed 60 per cent of recent illegal migrants presenting at the Roxham Road Quebec irregular crossing are unvaccinated.

Five years ago, in a briefing note assessing the potential risks associated with the border surge triggered by Justin Trudeau's #WelcomeToCanada tweet, the RCMP worried that open border policies could trigger or contribute to a health crisis.

The document, titled Operation Response: Strategic Framework notes a risk of a “significant health event/disease outbreak among asylum seekers with potential impact on the workforce and community at large”.

I will report more findings from these documents as we uncover them.

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