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Rebel News FORCED to quarantine for attending Trump rally

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Recently, the National Post ran an article about our trip to Traverse City, Michigan to cover one of Trump's last rallies. It entails how a journalist for far-right news site Rebel News lost a court challenge to the quarantine order.

All name calling, government subsidies and inaccurate reporting aside, the precedent being set that unless you're a government-friendly journalist, you don't qualify for exemption, is indeed a troublesome one.

Other outlets and journalists may be deemed essential, but it is unlikely that you will be one of the 80 per cent of quarantine exemptions if you don't tow the party line, or aren't having half your salary paid by the federal government.

At the request of the CBC, Canadian Border Services Agencies calculated that there have been 5.3 million quarantine exemptions given, who then note that COVID cases from international travel has ranged from 0.4 to 2.9 per cent.

Tammy Jarbeau, media relations officer for health Canada says that only those essential workers who declare they have no COVID-19 symptoms are allowed, which again totals around four million instances.

Workers critical to our economy and infrastructure” can do their job after crossing the border. The media is also critical to our economy, but only when it supports the status quo.

While many workers like healthcare providers and truck drivers certainly should and do qualify for exemption, it is hard to believe that of the four million-plus exemptions handed out, Rebel News happens to be the only media outlet who received dozens of pages worth detailing why our reason is not as acceptable as other outlets.

When reading the mainstream media, please keep in mind that the person in charge of deciding which news outlets get government subsidies, which include up to $50,000 of an employee's salary, was Bill Morneau.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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