Rebel News is in Moscow: What do ordinary Russians think of Putin's war?

This week, Rebel News is in Moscow, Russia to tell the other side of the story.

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What’s really going on in Russia? 

What’s the truth about its war with Ukraine? Are the West's sanctions against Putin hurting the economy? Have ordinary Russians rebelled against the human cost of the war and Putin’s “mobilization” — his word for conscription? 

Is it even possible to answer those questions without going to Russia itself? But the problem with that is Russia is an authoritarian regime where nosy journalists can wind up in jail — or even dead. 

Rebel News reporter Jeremy Loffredo has landed in Moscow (he had to fly through Turkey, because there no direct flights are allowed anymore).

The stakes could hardly be higher: military conflict, civilian casualties, economic sanctions and even the risk of nuclear confrontation.

But how much of what we hear is actual news — and how much is just propaganda, from one side or the other? The general public has been left with more questions than answers. 

This week, Rebel News will be in Moscow to find out if ordinary Russians support Putin's war.

Are Russians afraid to speak out against Putin? Do they support the war? Are they afraid of “mobilization” — Putin's word for military conscription? And are the sanctions hurting the economy — what's it like for ordinary people?

We'll speak to Ukrainians, Russians, soldiers, veterans, professors and others to tell the other side of the story. We're not going in with any fixed agenda, other than to follow the facts wherever they lead.

No independent media has gone to this region since the beginning of the war, partly because it’s logistically difficult and financially expensive to get there. 

These obstacles effectively act as a censorship mechanism that ensures only the mainstream media are able to tell the story, until now.

It might not look like it, but there was a lot of planning behind Jeremy’s trip. We had to apply for a visa, and complete other unusual paperwork. We had to find trustworthy translators and a “fixer” to drive us around and to help smooth things over if we encounter police.  

And we had to hire a Russian criminal lawyer in Moscow, just in case (God forbid) Jeremy gets arrested. We're very excited about this trip. There are a few things we can’t tell you about until it’s all over. But for the next week, please check back daily for more updates from Jeremy by visiting 

We’re going in with an open mind — something very few media have done regarding this conflict. We will follow the facts wherever they lead. 

This is the kind of independent citizen journalism that Rebel News was built for. Because we aren’t owned by a big corporation and we take no government money, we are free to question any narrative — not just Putin’s propaganda, but the propaganda from Joe Biden, too. We’re going to ask real questions — and we’ll show you exactly what we see and hear in reply. 

If you can support us, please do. Between Jeremy’s economy-class airfare and accommodations, and the interpreter and fixer, and the Moscow lawyer, we expect the total cost of Jeremy’s trip to be $11,000. If you can help us, please do. 

Being independent is the only reason we can do this mission; but it also means that we need your help to pay for it.

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