Rebel News is sending an all-star team to cover the World Economic Forum's annual meeting

Five journalists are travelling to Davos, Switzerland, to cover this year's gathering of elites.

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The World Economic Forum meets in Davos, Switzerland, next week. And I have huge news: we're sending FIVE investigative journalists to cover every inch of that place, to shine a light of scrutiny on those oligarchs.

Let me outline our plans.

We've set up a special website where all of our WEF reports will be published throughout the week. Check it out and meet the journalists involved, go to And while you're there, if you can, please help us crowdfund the travel for our independent reporters.

So, what is the World Economic Forum?

It's billionaires, politicians, dictators, celebrities and other oligarchs who meet in the luxury ski town of Davos, to scheme about their plans for the world.

The WEF are the ones who talk about The Great Reset; the ones who fly on private jets but tell you that you can't drive a car; the ones who say “you'll own nothing and you'll be happy” while they gobble up billions of dollars.

Politicians in every country seem to echo their talking points about “Build Back Better” and the “Great Reset”.

Who are they and what do their plans mean? Who is their boss, Klaus Schwab, who looks and sounds like a James Bond supervillain?

Why does Justin Trudeau go there so often, and what does he talk to George Soros about when they meet there?

Schwab boasts that his acolytes have “infiltrated governments around the world.” Is it true?

We'll try to answer these questions for you. We're sending a great team of independent reporters.

Avi YeminiRebel News' fearless reporter based in Australia. He's famous for challenging authority with courage — and a sense of humour.

Lewis Brackpool is coming from the U.K. — he's making a docuseries for us exposing The Great Reset. You can see more about that project by going to Stay tuned, because we've got some more news about that coming this week.

Our newest reporter, Jeremy Loffredo, is coming from New York — he's a long-time critic of crony capitalists. Jeremy was embedded in the U.S. trucker convoy for a month.

And we have two special guests: Rukshan Fernando, the outstanding citizen journalist from Melbourne, Australia whose “just the facts” coverage of the lockdowns infuriated mainstream media. Along with Rukshan, a true star reporter will be rolling with us — Savanah Hernandez, one of America's great journalists, recently from BlazeTV and now with Truth Social.

That's why you've got to visit — it's your one-stop website to follow each of these five reporters and their work from Davos. The WEF meeting doesn't start until May 22, but we've already got a team on the ground in Switzerland.

And while we're there, we're also going to visit the UN's World Health Organization. They're having their annual conference at the same time.

This mission is probably the most important journalism we’ve ever done at Rebel News. But we need your help. We’re crowdfunding the economy-class airfare to Switzerland. We’ve rented an economical Air BNB for the team — even though it’s an hour away from Davos, because every hotel room in the city is booked up by the WEF. Our team will drive in to the town every day to save money.

Between the flights, the Air BNB, the car rental and meals, this project will cost us more than $14,000, even though we’re going economy class all the way.

Please help us cover the cost of our citizen journalism, at

I’m not going to give away our journalism plans because I don’t want to give the oligarchs any warning, especially since they aren’t used to being asked any tough questions. But all I can say is: stay tuned to

Thanks for your support. And trust me — you don’t want to miss this.

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