Rebel News is taking on Trudeau in Federal Court to fight for press freedom

Today is the day that political freedom — and the right to criticize the government — lives or dies.

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I am standing outside the Federal Court of Canada in downtown Toronto, preparing to face an upcoming trial lasting eight hours. The trial centered on a book I authored 4.5 years ago, titled 'The Libranos,' a critical examination of Justin Trudeau and his ‘corrupt Liberal party.’

My book had been one among 24 publications scrutinizing Trudeau during the 2019 election season. But the other 23 books were loving or neutral towards Trudeau.

'The Libranos' was the one that got him into legal trouble. Surprisingly, Elections Canada investigated it, thinking it might be an illegal campaign book, but I knew the law well.

The Campaign Finance Act clearly said that books and promoting them were exempt from these rules, just like the other 23 books about Trudeau during the 2019 election.

But Justin Trudeau hated being criticized, he's got very thin skin and he doesn't much like Rebel News. So he put a dozen investigators, police and prosecutors from Elections Canada on my case.

They actually summoned me to Ottawa where two 30 year veterans of the RCMP grilled me for an hour. They didn't know I had a hidden camera on me, and they literally asked me to register my books with the government in the future.

Now, I don't think I'm going to because we live in Canada, not China. Canada doesn't have any time to investigate Chinese influence on our elections, but they'll certainly put a lot of manpower investigating me.

Well, we appealed my conviction and we appealed it again and that's what we're doing today.

What's interesting is that there are no journalism groups here. None of these so called freedom oriented groups are here. None of the authors groups or the journalist groups are here. They don't actually stand up for freedom of the press when it's someone who criticized their dear leader Justin Trudeau.

It's just us again, Rebel News.The fine that I had to pay was $3,000. And I suppose the smart thing to do would just be to pay the fine and move on because appealing in court is going to cost us $100,000, that's madness.

But I'm not sure if we can put a price on freedom of the press. In Canada, we need to have the legal precedent that you can criticize the Prime Minister even if he doesn't like it today.

It's much more than just about me and my book. It's about the freedom for any Canadian to criticize the government without being interrogated by the RCMP and told they can't have contrarian opinions without government registration.

You can read all the court documents here at! & Keep up with LIVE updates from the court room here!

You'll see astonishing things like the fact that Trudeau particularly hated the picture we used of them, that's literally part of the complaints.

Please chip in because unlike Trudeau, we don't have government lawyers for free! Again, go to!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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