Rebel News' latest documentary is coming to Alberta — you won't want to miss it!

Experience the gripping ordeal of Ezra Levant and his team of Rebel journalists as they defy government overreach in a heart-pounding 10-hour standoff with Montreal police, all while unravelling the harrowing story of civil rights abuses during the pandemic in this exclusive Rebel News documentary.

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Have you heard about our latest documentary? It's called "RAID: Montreal's Police War Against Citizen Journalism".

It's a wild story about the standoff between Rebel News journalists and the Montreal police who tried to stop our team from reporting on the overreach of the Montreal police during the pandemic.

The police used force, arrests, and intimidation to try to stop our team from telling the truth about their heavy-handed tactics against our journalist, Yanky Pollak.

The police repeatedly ticketed Yanky for reporting on the COVID curfews, which disproportionately affected Montreal's Jewish community, preventing them from attending services on Friday nights.

So we sent the whole team to stand with Yanky.

What ensued was a showdown at the houseboat Airbnb that our team was using as an HQ.


But we are Rebel News, and we are journalists, so we documented everything happening to us as it happened.

In this documentary, you'll see behind-the-scenes footage, and witness the team's ambush by dozens of police.

You'll see interviews with our journalists, my friends who were caught up between protecting citizens' rights and these overzealous public-health-order-brandishing police officers.

Here's the trailer:

This documentary is available to all RebelNews+ subscribers. If you're not subscribed already, you can do so at

However, we are also bringing RAID on an exclusive tour across Canada, starting with one in Edmonton at Church in the Vine on February 12, and Calgary at Canyon Meadows Cinema on February 13.

For more info, screening dates, and tickets, head over to Raid.Movie.

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