Rebel reporter Juan Mendoza Diaz visits Eagle Pass, Texas, on the frontline of Biden's migrant crisis

President Biden's management of the U.S.-Mexico border has created a humanitarian crisis.

Rebel reporter Juan Mendoza Diaz visits Del Rio Texas, the city on the frontline of Biden's migrant crisis
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The Biden administration is grappling with repealing Title 42, the health law that allows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop people and property from entering the United States “in the interest of public health,” particularly when there “is the existence of any communicable disease in a foreign country” and “there is serious danger of the introduction of such disease into the United States.”

Republicans argue the health law is all that stands in the way of a looming humanitarian crisis at the southern border, where thousands of illegal migrants cross daily, often trafficked by cartels.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy pointed out the efforts being done at the Rio Grande by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to prevent illegal crossings.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was also touring the border, and described President Joe Biden as “basically the king of the cartels” because of his lack of action at the southern border.

Aside from the human carnage caused by illegal migration at the Texas border, Mendoza documented the extreme ecological damage to the landscape:

Paging the Sierra Club.

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