Regulator seeks to suspend chiropractor and fine him tens of thousands of dollars for mask non-compliance

Mask madness reigns as Alberta’s chiropractic regulator seeks to punish a mask-exempt practitioner in a case that his lawyer calls extreme.

Regulator seeks to suspend chiropractor and fine him tens of thousands of dollars for mask non-compliance
LinkedIn / Dr. Curtis Wall
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The College of Chiropractors of Alberta (CCOA) is seeking to suspend Dr. Curtis Wall’s license to practice and fine him $26,000.

Dr. Wall is being charged with unprofessional conduct after discovering that he was unable to safely wear a face covering during a time that the CCOA instituted an indiscriminate mask mandate.

According to a case description from Liberty Coalition Canada, the non-profit organization representing Wall at no cost to him, Mr. Wall attempted to comply with the college’s mandate:

"In May 2020, the College of Chiropractors of Alberta implemented a no-exceptions mask mandate for all Alberta chiropractors through its Pandemic Practice Directive. The College required chiropractors to wear a face mask while treating patients. Dr. Wall attempted to wear a mask for several weeks, but found he was unable to due to severe anxiety and claustrophobia he experienced when wearing a mask. Given the harm wearing a mask caused him, and understanding the ineffectiveness of masks, Dr. Wall did not wear a mask while treating patients from June 2020 onward. His patients were understanding, and some were thankful because they appreciated being treated by someone not wearing a mask."

The college previously found Dr. Wall guilty of professional misconduct for not enforcing what one of his experts referred to as a “breathing barrier.”

“It’s really rare, extreme stuff,” chief litigator James Kitchen previously told Rebel News about the case. He said that most cases of professional misconduct were due to sexual misconduct, stealing money, etcetera, “and that’s what the college was trying to do to Dr. Wall simply because he wasn’t wearing a mask.”

Kitchen brought four seasoned experts to testify against the CCOA – respirologist Dr. Bao Dang, viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle, infectious disease consultant Dr. Thomas Warren and Occupational Health and Safety consultant, Chris Schaefer.

The college brought forward one expert witness – public health physician Dr. Jia Hu.

Dr. Hu ended up retracting some of his expert testimony, after conflating viruses with bacteria.

“It was a pretty juvenile mistake. A mask often does stop bacteria because they’re large. It doesn’t stop virus because they’re tiny,” Kitchen explains.

Dr. Hu is CEO and Co-Founder of 19 to Zero – a conflict-of-interest-riddled group dedicated to influence behaviour changes that comply with COVID-19 public health measures and ensure high vaccine uptake. Their goal is to build vaccine confidence, which they do while receiving research grants from pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Wall has been providing superior chiropractic care to his patients for over 20 years with a clean record of conduct.

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