Religious missionary detained at Calgary COVID jail after returning from Arizona

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A 20-year-old Christian missionary was taken by Justin Trudeau’s rental security forces at the Calgary International Airport, and sent to a detention cell at the nearby government occupied hotel. The legalized abduction left the missionary's mother, who hadn’t seen the boy since he left the country years ago, in tears.

The young Canadian was eventually released after serving a short sentence as prescribed by Trudeau’s hastily written regulations regarding citizen reentry into Canada.

Justin Trudeau is grabbing Canadians at our remaining international airports. Similar to how Donald Trump’s travel ban caused foreign nationals to be stranded at airports across the United States, Trudeau has done the same — but to his own citizens.

The added twist in the unfolding Canadian case is that the prime minister is using private security contractors to kidnap Canadians, after they manage to get through customs. Specifically, Trudeau is using G4S, GardaWorld and Paladin Risk Solutions to grab you when you land, and escort you to a Liberal Party approved holding cell at a secure government-occupied hotel complex.

This is serious, but Canadian and international civil liberties groups are missing in action. When it was Trump, it was all hands on deck from social justice lawyers and civil liberties groups. When it's Justin “Great Reset” Trudeau — crickets.

Rebel News has been helping people around the world fight unjust lockdown fines that violated their civil liberties, and now we are redoubling that effort here at home to help Canadians in need.

If you have been or know someone who has been legally kidnapped, please fill out the form at to tell us your story.

If you want to help us in this fight to protect our fellow countrymen from Trudeau’s state sanctioned kidnappers, please donate here.

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