Remember Your Oath: Retired police inspector urges use of discretion for COVID enforcement

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Meet Len Faul, a retired police officer who served over 30 years with the Toronto Police Service. He is also one of the driving forces behind Police on Guard for Thee.

Police on Guard for Thee is described as “a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members.”

We bumped into Len last month at the Family Fun Day protest on Parliament Hill. And it was such a joy speaking to someone from the law enforcement realm who is disturbed by the behaviour of certain police officers when it comes to trampling upon the rights of citizens, ostensibly in the name of Wuhan virus “public safety.”

But, notably, not all police officers are acting like bullies these days. Says Len: “There are officers that genuinely, genuinely believe in their oath to protect our citizens,” and these officers are increasingly signing up with Police on Guard.

As well, Len notes the “greatest power police officers have is their power of discretion” (someone please tell the Montreal Police Service about this truism). He added that lockdown measures “clearly breach everybody’s rights” — and breaching the rights of the citizenry is not valid policing; quite the contrary, actually.

Finally, Len takes a dim view of the mainstream media because media outlets are “driving the process by fear right now.”

Like I said: Len Faul is our kind of cop.

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  • By Rebel News


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