“They required us to wear masks on the plane”: Toronto arrivals in 100% compliance with new rule

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The Liberals’ Rocket Man soars thanks to, well, simply delivering on a promise...

When Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced on Friday that air travellers would require masks when clearing customs at Canadian airports as of noon Monday, I raised a Spockian eyebrow. After all, since our nation was hit by the Wuhan virus, various Liberals have made all sorts of pronouncements pertaining to border security and health measures that have never panned out.

Case in point: Health Minister Patricia Hajdu claiming (falsely) that all asymptomatic Coronovirus passengers would be given masks at customs. As for Exhibit B, well, just about anything that comes out of the mouth of Public Safety Minister Bill Blair.

In any event, there was only one way to know if Liberals were telling the truth or reciting yet more “stretch goals”... in other words, I visited Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. My mission was to observe passengers de-planing from flights that touched down from London and Frankfurt. And lo and behold, what I observed was 100% compliance! Every passenger, including small children, were donning masks (turns out the airlines were giving out masks to those who didn’t have them prior to departure.)

Moral of the story: hey, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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