Did you take part in the Freedom Convoy? Maybe you were WIRETAPPED like this retired cop

Rob Stocki, a veteran of the Ottawa Police Service, was recently notified that the government spied on his communications. Were you spied on too? Let us know!

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We're going to get to the bottom of this and we're going to try to make this right. This isn't China or Venezuela where it's perfectly acceptable for the government to spy on political dissidents.

We're going to come out this from four different angles.

First, we have to tell the story. Because the story of the Ontario government wiretapping political dissidents is so outrageous that if we didn't have the proof documents, no one would believe it.

Then, we've got a petition that we will deliver to the attorney general of Ontario, and the federal public safety minister — if we find out the federal government was involved in this also.

Our petition calls on the Attorney General to stop the wiretapping of Canadians whose only crime is peacefully opposing government policy. Go to www.StopTheWiretapping.com to sign the petition today.

Our third plan of attack is as follows: We want to find out the scale and scope of this wiretapping operation. And we want to know who exactly was wiretapped: former cops? Political adversaries? Military?

We have an anonymous intake form at that same website, www.StopTheWiretapping.com, where you can submit your information and we promise you will remain anonymous. We want to know how many innocent people were subjected to Chinese Communist-style surveillance for their politics.

We want to know who you are so that if the government comes after you again, we can help.

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  • By David Menzies

PETITION: Stop The Wiretapping

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Goal: 10,000 Signatures

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Have You Been Wiretapped?

Fill out this form if you have been unlawfully subjected to wiretapping and have received a letter of proof from the Attorney General of Ontario.

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