Retired couple fined $25,000 while trying to return to Canada

A retired couple was slapped with six fines totalling nearly $25,000. But with the assistance of The Democracy Fund, Robert and Jaime Leib are challenging these charges.

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No, COVID-19 mandates are not over. Today, we sit down to interview two of the newest legal clients of The Democracy Fund, whose story proves that medical tyranny is still here in Canada. 

Robert and Jamie Leib, a retired couple, were recently fined just under $25,000 for simply trying to maintain their medical privacy while trying to return to their home in Canada.

The Leibs predominantly live in Washington state but like to enjoy their home in Penticton during the summer. This past Father's Day, they made the journey from Washington to B.C., which is when they were slapped with six fines totalling $24,897.50.

What was their “crime” you ask? The Leibs simply declined to share their medical information and download the federal government's digitally invasive ArriveCan app.

In this interview, we'll hear from the Leibs about the ordeal they went through and even see it as it unfolded, thanks to the footage they took.

Thankfully, this retired couple who simply wants to be free to enjoy their retirement in the comfort of their own home is not alone in this fight. The Democracy Fund has agreed to take on their case at no cost to the Leibs, and you can help them with their legal fight by coming together and making a charitable donation at our special website,

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