Return to Radisson: protesters assemble outside Toronto COVID hotel

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We returned yet again to the Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport — a property that is anything but “sweet” these days.

That’s because this Radisson is now being used as a federal COVID quarantine facility to imprison — er, house — Canadians returning to Canada.

Not to worry, folks: we stayed on the opposite side of the yellow cord, so that Toronto police wouldn’t issue me yet another trespassing ticket because evidently, hotels serving the public are not accessible to the public anymore... well, at least certain members of the public, like Rebel News journalists...

Once again, there were a few dozen demonstrators outside the property offering guests (or “inmates”) rides home. Because apparently, there is no lawful statute that forbids people from leaving the property. Allegedly, authorities are lying to people by telling them they must remain at the hotels. Shameful.

And once again, the demonstrators actually made contact via phone with two detainees, although they decided to remain incarcerated (although there is speculation that the police might have confiscated the cellphone of one detainee; when asked about this, the on duty police declined to comment).

There were at least four police officers on patrol this day. What a fantastic deployment of law enforcement resources, eh? They looked miserable and bored silly, so thank God there’s a Tim Hortons drive-through just 20 paces away from the hotel’s property line, otherwise we fear these constables might come down with a serious case of PTSD...

Also making a reappearance at the hotel was that lying liar, security guard Jamie. He’s the fibber who told us last month that the hotel was closed to the public because it was under construction (despite the dearth of construction workers and construction equipment, and an excess of civilian faces pressed up against the hotel’s windows).

Jamie was roundly heckled by the protesters (our favourite slur: “You’re a national liar!”)

In any event, the protesters will be returning here next Thursday at 4 p.m., and Rebel News will be there, too. And we have a nifty surprise in store. If you happen to be in the GTA, come on out to 640 Dixon Rd. You won’t be disappointed!

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