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REVEALED: Liberals' pro-immigration propaganda plan for schools, media — and Tim Horton's

The government is recruiting “influencers” as part of a large scale plan to change Canadians opinions on immigration levels, as opposed to listening to Canadians opinions and responding accordingly. They even want to hire the CBC to help them.

And we have the documents to prove it...

Canadians want lower immigration levels. The polls consistently show it.

So are you curious about how all those pro-immigration stories end up all over the place, despite Canadians overwhelming desire to lower immigration levels and get control of the failing system again? Ever wonder why every single person who questions our immigration levels is painted as a racist in the media?

Well, the government has a plan to covertly inject a pro-immigration narrative into every part of your life, from the classroom to the CBC the coffee shop.

And we have the proof of this large scale propaganda scheme in writing from the government in the form of access to information documents from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. WATCH as I take you through this plan...

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