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I'm being investigated for writing a book:

I have some terrible news to share with you today. 

NDP-appointed holdovers in the Alberta government are coming for me because I wrote a bestselling book that hurt Rachel Notley’s feelings. I am potentially facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and what the government officer-involved calls “severe” consequences. But the biggest threat is to freedom of the press for all of us.

The government of Alberta has hired an ex-cop — two, actually — to investigate me, a journalist, for writing a book. In Canada in 2019. Not 1984. And now the government is demanding my private notes — saying I’ll be prosecuted for a serious offence if I don’t hand them over.

I want to be completely transparent with you. We have already spent $32,000 in legal fees fighting this up until now and we just received another bill for $16,000, so, all told, we are $48,000 deep in legal fees to fight for my free speech and my right to give you information about the government. That is a huge legal bill, and we expect that it could go up to $100,000 over the next three months. But we have the best free speech lawyer in Alberta. And we will win — if we can see this through.

The trouble is, unlike the elections commissioner, we don't have bottomless pockets constantly refilled by the taxpayer to bully people. We're crowdfunded by people like you. We fight on — I fight on —  because people like you want me to. 

But I need your help, now more than ever. I need your help to offset our ballooning legal bills.

Will you help me?

Do you stand for free speech? Do you stand for a free press? Or do you stand aside and say nothing because you don't like me or my boss more than you like being able to say what you want and when you want without Big Brother weighing in? 

I promise everyone today: we are going to resist every single attempt to bully, interrogate and intimidate me every step of the way, and, when we are done with these people and when we do win, it’s my hope that Rachel Notley’s terrible law will be struck down and the office of the elections commissioner as we know it will be no more. 

If you can help me with this very important fight, please help by chipping in below.

Thank you. 

Sheila Gunn Reid and the Rebel News team.

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