SAVE JUUL! Biden's FDA pushes unfair, nonsensical ban on just one brand of e-cigarette

Just a couple of days ago the American FDA banned the sale of Juul e-cigarettes as part of Biden’s war on some nicotine and some cigarettes. It’s unfair, it’s nonsensical, its unscientific and it kills jobs. This non vaper want to save Juul.

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The Juul ban is really significant because this one company accounts for 68 per cent of the market share in the United States of e-cigarettes and vaping. The Federal Drug Admin says the nicotine-containing flavoured vapes cause kids to take up the habit, which makes no sense since the FDA left other vape brands on the market. And it's already illegal to sell vapes to kids.

The government of the United States just nuked 70 per cent of a consumer market while allowing the company's competitors from Reynolds American and NJOY holdings to keep selling their e-cigarettes.

The Biden administration seems to be blaming this one company for the rise in youth vaping while basically turning over the entire market to the competitors. And leaving conventional cigarettes alone.

And the FDA admits there's really not any science that says the Juul products are any worse than the products they are allowing to stay on the shelf.

Juul is asking for a reprieve from a federal court as they face bankruptcy.

But besides this company and all of its 1,500 employees that are going to be put out of work by the stroke of a bureaucratic pen, and has all the foresight and wisdom of Justin Trudeau's straw ban.

Nicotine is an effective treatment for the incurable illness ulcerative colitis, and vaping is one way to get nicotine without also getting all the bad chemicals from smoking a conventional cigarette. These people with their cheap and effective treatment for their chronic autoimmune illness are just collateral damage in the war on Juul, in the same way that people who require straws for medical reasons are just not even a thought and Justin Trudeau's straw ban.

Let me divulge my bias here so you know where I am coming from. I have no bias.

I don't smoke anything and I'm definitely not a vaper. And I don't really care if you do. That's why I don't think the government should be banning Juul.

This is an American administration that seems to be okay with open-air drug use in major cities. They have taken a surrender-first approach to the opioid crisis through harm reduction which is code for giving addicts more deadly poison. And yet, they go after a tool people say helps ween them off conventional cigarettes.

It makes no sense.

This non-smoker, non-vaper thinks this is beyond stupid. It’s infantilizing and unfair and it is killing American jobs, if you agree, please sign my petition at



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Save Juul

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