School board censures non-woke trustee for talking to Rebel News, calls cops on concerned parents

Concerned parents packed a Greater Essex County District School Board meeting last week, only for trustees to call the police on parents who showed up to support a trustee who opposes wokeness in schools.

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Last Tuesday in Windsor, Ont., a school board meeting somewhat resembled an episode of Monday Night Raw. Granted, there was no wrestling, but there was plenty of chaos.

Here’s the skinny: Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) trustee Linda Qin has taken a principled stance against her woke school board’s policies. As a result, she has been demonized (and more recently, penalized) by her colleagues.

Case in point: trustee Ron LeClair made a complaint against Qin due to comments she made to Rebel News last year. The complaint had three components to it, and trustees found Qin had breached the code of conduct three times.

But why? Apparently, the GECDSB doesn’t like trustees standing up for common sense and criticizing the dark side of diversity, equity and inclusion-focused school libraries making pornographic material available to elementary age students.

Parents packed the school board meeting on Tuesday and they were all there to support Qin. Alas, the majority of trustees on the board were not amused. 

Said trustee Julia Burgers:

Trustees are expected to discharge their duties loyalty faithfully and partially in a manner that will inspire public confidence in the ability and integrity of the board. In this case, she [Qin] spoke to the media and spoke against decisions that were made, did not inspire confidence in the board and in public education. Assuming that our staff is grooming is egregious and expressing that is unbelievably hurtful to our staff.

Golly, looks like that age-old saying rings true when it comes to the woke educratswho comprise the GECDSB: the truth hurts. 

And when the trustees took umbrage to parents voicing their support for Qin (how dare they!) they vacated the chamber — and then called the police!

Sure enough, the Windsor Police Service responded with six cruisers rushing to the scene. The parents were told by a sergeant to vacate the premises; the parents refused; a Mexican standoff ensued for about two hours (no arrests were made). 

Meanwhile, the trustees staged a secret meeting — without Qin or the parents (who are apparently looked upon as “domestic terrorists”). And so it was that in another part of the building they carried out their vendetta against Qin. 

The end result: trustees agreed that Qin should be barred from attending and participating in public school board meetings between Sept. 17 and Nov 5. Shameful. 

The bullying and censoring of Linda Qin is, unfortunately, nothing new.

Back in April 2023, Qin was ruled out of order three times by three separate meeting chairmen when she inquired about the content of a specific book. She also tried to make a notice of motion regarding the flying of religious flags. This did not go over well either. 

A report on n The Windsor Star noted the following:

“The most heated exchange arose between Qin and trustee Ron LeClair, who was chairing the finance committee meeting… Qin started to ask about the book Push, which she said includes the ‘n’ word, being available in schools. LeClair told her she was out of order, adding, ‘we’re done with books.’ Qin had brought a motion forward at a previous board meeting that would have tasked staff with creating and maintaining a list of new titles added to school libraries, retroactive to September, and making the list accessible to parents... Qin’s motion was defeated.”

The story goes on to note that Qin persisted in her attempt to speak; LeClair told her to shut her microphone off or leave the meeting.

When Qin began speaking about a ruling against a motion to fly a Christian flag at schools, LeClair quickly cut her off again, noting her motion was out of order and against school board bylaws.

We tried to scrum LeClair in the school board’s parking lot after the secret meeting. He had absolutely nothing to say.

It should be noted Qin says she has been the recipient of vile hate mail from the hardcore leftists in the community. Qin showed us emails she has received from the “love trumps hate” folk, which are rife with misogynistic and racist epithets (Qin is Asian.) One individual professes hope that Qin will “die of breast cancer.” Despicable — especially since Qin is currently fighting cancer.

Check out our video that depicts yet another horrible, out of control woke school board that vilifies trustees with contrarian opinions and then sic’s the police on those members of the public who pay their salaries.

The question arises: why is Ontario’s Ministry of Education allowing such a travesty to continue?

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