Scotland has more transgender prisoners in women's prisons than England and Wales combined

Prison data indicates half of the inmates only began transitioning after they were convicted. According to the Daily Mail, a report published by the Scottish Prison Service (SPS), indicates there were 11 trans women and five trans men in Scottish prisons at the end of June 2022.

Scotland has more transgender prisoners in women's prisons than England and Wales combined
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Trans prisoners being housed with women has been at the forefront of the news in the UK, as a convicted rapist Isla Bryson, who now identifies as a woman, was recently sent to serve a sentence in a women's facility. 

Bryson 31, is now housed in the same facility as transgender pedophile Katie Dolatowski at Cornton Vale women’s jail in Stirlingshire after being found guilty of two rapes at Glasgow High Court. 

There are currently 11 trans women in UK prisons. Of those, six were held in men's prisons, and five were held in women's prisons. With Bryson and Dolatowski, that number rises to seven transgender biological males in women's prisons – more than the six in England and Wales reported by the UK Ministry of Justice. 

Last year a transgender inmate in a California women's prison impregnated two biological females while behind bars.

The trans-dad convict was ultimately moved.

Rebel News' David Menzies has covered the issue of biological men housed in women's facilities since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau relaxed the rules preventing male prisoners from being allowed to serve their sentences in women's institutions.

In Canada, prisoners are housed based on identified gender, not biological sex.

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