Scotland's Justice Minister Humza Yousaf wants to criminalize thoughts

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Scotland’s Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, recently gave a shocking speech in the Scottish Parliament where he complained about how many white people there are in Scotland.

It was pure racism.

If he had spoken that way about any other group — blacks, Jews, gays — he would have been thrown out for bigotry, and probably charged with a hate crime.

The irony is that same Humza Yousaf has now proposed the most shocking censorship law in any democracy.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I made a video going through his proposed law line by line.

Yousaf’s new law would:

  • have prison terms for up to seven years for hurt feelings
  • criminalizes “insults”
  • make the mere “possession” of insulting material on your laptop a crime equivalent to having child pornography
  • lets police look through your entire social media history, for “proof” that you committed a hate crime in the present

I’ve read censorship laws from around the world, and I’ve never seen anything this bad.

It’s interesting that Scotland’s police are against this proposed law.

They say that it would destroy policing in Scotland, because it would turn police into political censors and thus destroy public support for them.

But then again, maybe that’s Humza Yousaf’s plan, too.


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