Senior public health official, lawyer and media conspire to suppress detective investigating COVID vaccine connection to SIDS

One senior-level Canadian public health agent and her lawyer daughter appear to be working with a vested interest to weaponize the media to silence an internal police investigation probing the COVID-19 vaccine status of mothers whose babies had died suddenly.

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The trickling of information began in February 2022, when it is said that Ottawa Police Service (OPS) detective Helen Grus, who is a constable by rank, was suspended without pay for failing to disclose her COVID-19 vaccination status to the medical tyrant higher-ups.

The next day, Grus was suspended with pay for apparently breaching police database privacy when she attempted to probe for information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine status of mothers following a string of nine sudden infant and child death cases in the region, from June 2020 to January 2022.

After all, Grus was part of the child sexual assault and abuse squad at the OPS, a squad that is mandated by law to investigate all incidences of sudden and unexplained death in newborns, infants and children under the age of five.

It is said that officers in this unit undergo intense training and develop incredible skills and empathy to be able to relate to victims or accusers in a way that ordinary uniformed officers cannot. For upholding the role of her unit, Grus was removed from her position through unproven allegations without adequate disclosure.

And CBC reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam appears to have insider knowledge of the investigation in her reports.

In an initial article on the subject from March 28 2022, Yogaretnam says that Grus is alleged to have “accessed files that she was not assigned and then contacted the coroners office to learn the COVID-19 vaccination status of parents in the cases.”

Aside from the insider information appearing to be obtained by CBC – which this report will also delve into – there was another strange twist in this case.

As first reported by the Western Standard, “the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has also been closely following Grus' trial. Dr. Margaret de Groh, scientific manager of the Analysis Section of the Public Health Agency of Canada, watched the entire September 15 online hearing.”

The information was given by former Toronto police detective Donald Best who has also been following the case closely, albeit publicly – unlike this public health senior official who prefers to lurk in the background.

For additional context, the PHAC has been heavily involved in the shaping of government COVID-19 policies and a senior level official like de Groh would likely have worked with, and relayed to, personnel who are part of the COVID-19 advisory team.

Margaret de Groh has previously worked on published papers including those on COVID-19, mostly as it relates to mental health, substance abuse, and adherence to public health restrictions in relation the COVID-19 pandemic.

In speaking exclusively with Rebel News, Best asserts that he contacted de Groh to ask why she attended the hearing and was promptly contacted by her biological daughter who threatened him with a lawsuit if Best disclosed de Groh’s attendance publicly.

The daughter is Sarah DelVillano, who (according to her twitter) is a legal articling student by day and a harm reduction advocate by night.

It turns out that DelVillano has co-authored at least one government policy related paper with her mother – de Groh – on providing opioid addicts with supervised injection services.

DelVillano regularly responds to Donald Best on Twitter when he posts updates on the Grus case, slinging slurs like calling him insane and telling him that updating the public is causing harm to Grus’ supposed victims.

Apparently, one victim is DelVillano’s own baby.

According to this GoFundMe page, her baby tragically passed away shortly after her first birthday, in June 2021; an undoubtedly devastating and horrific tragedy.

However, the connections with this investigation and the PHAC, the collaboration with the CBC and lawyers appearing to act out of their own self interest are of great public concern.

Another twisty turn in this story is that DelVillano also works for the law firm Durant Barristers – the same law firm that CBC reporter Yogaretnam featured in her second report on the Grus case.

The feature report included exclusive comments from the co-founder of Durant Barristers, Erin Durant, who happens to be the lawyer representing an unnamed grieving mother involved in the Grus case.

Margaret de Groh, senior manager at the PHAC, has a lawyer daughter named Sarah DelVillano, for whom she collaborated with on research papers for the government, who is said to be one of the mothers involved in the Grus case, and works for the legal team responsible for pushing the alleged breach into the media spotlight.

In addition to this conspiracy, CBC reporter Yogaretnam alludes to her insider information in the initial report on Grus, referring extensively to “sources” which are unnamed.

One paragraph specifically states, “sources also described Grus as holding anti-mask and anti-vaccine views in the workplace.”

It sounds like that information source may well be somewhere from the workplace.

If so, this is a massive collusion between a public health agent, the internal investigations of the police, and the mainstream media, to prosecute and persecute an esteemed detective in a good faith investigation for not only political, but also public health reasons.

And yet, it is being alleged that Grus has since been ordered back to work so, what changed and, what are her current duties? If this was such a preach of privacy and discreditable conduct, why would she not only be allowed – but ordered – back to work?

Furthermore, were other detectives or was the coroner involved in these cases asking the same question as Grus? Could the COVID-19 vaccine status of the mothers whose babies died suddenly be an important investigatory detail?

We know from the JAMA study that residual mRNA has been found in the expressed breastmilk of nursing mothers and, as pointed out by viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bride, oral administration of this novel product was never studied, authorized, or otherwise approved, so how it acts once consumed is entirely unknown. That is without factoring in the extra vulnerable nature of a rapidly developing infant’s body and how it may react to this unknown biological product.

As per the package insert of these novel injections, the safety and efficacy was never established in pregnant OR breastfeeding women.

Additionally, as of April 14 2023, there were at least 673 cases in which COVID-19 vaccine exposure via breastmilk was cited for adverse events in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting system, otherwise known as VAERS.

Have the police, mainstream media, and at least one public health agent colluded to quell an important investigation of great public interest, that could have led to tangible evidence of harm, potentially saving other mothers and babies from similar fate?

Stay tuned to Rebel News as more details are released at Grus’ in-person hearing this Friday April 28 at 9:30 AM. We will likely hear why and when Grus was ordered back to work and if the disclosure items that her lawyer requested back in December of 2022 were ever released.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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