Why this covid-cop threatens to ARREST a law-abiding couple

The enforcement of Victoria’s mask mandate is out of control

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A couple who asked Rebel News to protect their identity say they were leaving a supermarket in Greater Geelong when Sergeant Weir confronted them because the husband pulled down his mask one metre before exiting the shopping centre.  

Immediately as the couple walked out of the building, Sergeant Weir demanded the husband’s I.D. so she could issue him a ticket.  

The couple was baffled by Sergeant Weir’s response. As far as they were concerned, they had been complying with all the health orders inside, including wearing a mask, and saw no reason why they were being harassed. 

The video seemingly shows just how much Sergeant Weir enjoys wasting people’s time and the joy she gets from issuing petty citations. 

What’s worse, this took place in an area where no coronavirus case was detected all year. 

As you’ve seen in my past videos, this type of police behaviour is becoming more and more common in Australia, and it’s the reason why so many of us have lost trust in law enforcement.

But don’t worry. I promised the couple we will fight any tickets they receive by crowdfunding a lawyer through FightTheFines.com.au. If you want to help Aussies in Victoria and around the country like this couple, just click here to donate. 

Sure, they can fight their tickets themselves, but most people don’t have the time or money needed to dispute something like this in court.  

But to us, these aren’t just tickets — they’re a symbol of the growing police state that has taken root in our country. That’s why we refuse to stand by and will fight every single lockdown ticket we can afford until we claim our freedom back.  

If you found yourself in a similar position, let us know right here, and we’ll do our best to help. 

And if you want to support our largest civil liberties project to date, please click here to donate, or visit FightTheFines.com.au.  

Someone has to take a stand against these ridiculous rules. With your help, we can do just that.    

Everyone needs to see the disgraceful behaviour of Sergeant Weir, so make sure to share this video far and wide. And if you can, please donate whatever you can right here to help us with covering the growing legal bills. We’re defending Australians across the country against their COVID fines and the targeted harassment by vindictive police officers like Sergeant Weir. To learn more, please visit FightTheFines.com.au.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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