Sheila Gunn Reid: 'I think the Sovereignty Act in Alberta might extinguish some of the separatist movement'

Recently on the Gunn Show, Sheila was joined by columnist Corey Morgan to discuss the Alberta's freedom and prosperity through his new book called, 'The Sovereigntist's Handbook.'

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How do you organize a movement of people who want to be left alone into a movement working for shared goals? Cory Morgan tries to answer that question in his new book, The Sovereigntist's Handbook.

Cory's not just a columnist for Western Standard and The Epoch Times, he founded a western separatist party years ago, so he knows what he is talking about from experience.

"Now, I want to ask you, because I think the Sovereignty Act in Alberta might extinguish some of the separatist movement, not that it would extinguish separatist mentality or independence mentality, but it's, I think, could serve to absorb some of those people back into the UCP after they saw Jason Kenney as just such a staunch federalist. And I think Danielle Smith is too, but she's at least doing something more than writing strongly worded letters to Justin Trudeau that Justin Trudeau throws in the garbage as soon as he gets them," Sheila said.

Cory responded with:

Well, and what we need is to fight it. The thing is, sure, some people gonna say, oh, good, the Sovereign Trust Act, Sovereignty Act will get us there. Well, people said that about the Alberta agenda.

I write in the book, but Stephen Harper and all the rest came out with all those planks in this Alberta agenda, and I really deflated the Alberta Independence Party that I was leading at that time, said, Oh, we don't need this

Look at that. Stephen Harper and all these political scientists are going to fix it. And Harper, I mean, certainly was a good prime minister in many ways, didn't implement a single thing with his majority of that.

So I think independence advocates got to realize we have to we have to hit her head on these walls a few more times before people realize it.

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