Sheila Gunn Reid: 'Justin Trudeau, according to Justice Paul Rouleau, was completely justified in invoking a war time law'

Last night on The Gunn Show, Sheila was joined by Kian Simone, Rebel News' Chief Documentary Filmmaker. He discussed his time in Ottawa covering the POEC and his new movie, Trucker Commission: Trudeau on Trial.

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"If you got all your news from the mainstream media, you would think that the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) heard testimony that the nation's capital was under siege by aggressive militants causing mayhem and destruction everywhere they went like a band of truck-driving marauders," said Sheila.

The weeks' long Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa against COVID restrictions were sometimes loud, maybe even annoying. Still, they were never violent, foreign-funded, or dangerous and left the place cleaner than when they arrived.

Sheila was joined by Rebel's Chief Documentary Filmmaker Kian Simone. He discussed his time in Ottawa covering the POEC and his new movie, Trucker Commission: Trudeau on Trial.

"You could almost reach out and touch the reasons why these people came to Ottawa. And yet the media never crossed the hall. But you guys were there because you were sitting in that place the whole time," Sheila said to Kian.

Kian responded with:

You know, Sheila, you. I've heard you say that a few times now at the shows. And whenever we do interviews about this or when we talking on our own, I actually spent most of my time in that room with the media. I just want to put that out there because that's what I had to work. I couldn't work in the commission room, but I did hop over one of the more notable characters in the story where there.

But you're right and they they chose to be in that media room. And every morning they would walk in and it would be CBC first and CTV the next day they'd bring in tin-bit for each other and they'd walk around the room and give each other tinbits. And only once that Global News asked me if I wanted a tinbit, and I will remember that. But that's what that's what it was. They're they're they're all friends. And they leave all the independent reporters out of it, like Western Standard. Never got a tinbit either. And I just kind of use that as an analogy of of what, you know, people share stories and people share like ideas and bounce stuff off each other.

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